Police Rob local Grandfather

The AD reported in Friday’s edition that a member of the public had seen the police rob a person who was inebriated and fast asleep in the doorway of the St Francis Credit Union.

The person who reported this to Reef Radio was Jenny Staines, who is a Justice of the Peace and also head of the Liquor Licensing Board. She witnessed a Hispanic police officer who was on duty taking the sneakers, and going through the citizens wallet and pockets. It transpires that the victims grand daughter works in the town board, and a number of people from the town board and Reef Radio have seen the video from the security cameras of the Credit Union.

The Credit Union are awaiting instructions from the general manager to see if they can release the video to the town board.

A police vehicle was spotted outside the credit union on Friday afternoon, and it is strongly suspected that they want the film. It is highly debatable whether they wanted it so that they could prosecute their officers, or to perpetuate the usual cover up.

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