Police recruits in Belize

It appears that in Belize, all it takes to be a police officer is that you can speak Creole. The Ambergris Daily thinks that police recruits should have at least achieved a High School diploma. It should also be noted that if perspective recruits come in with a degree they should be fast tracked into the higher echelon of the police hierarchy.

The former CEO of the Police, Douglas Singh, went on record as saying all reports from the various police stations have to go to Belmopan to be edited and corrected because of the writing skills of the officers taking the reports is nothing short of abysmal. He was looking at how to fast track reports for tourists who need these reports for their insurance companies, but unfortunately he resigned his post and this initiative hit the traditional buffers.

The police say that they are poorly paid, but in a way what do they expect when they have not achieved the basics that most people need to get a job. We need the police to be paid more if they have a high school diploma and beyond.

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