Police Commissioner of Belize in San Pedro

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the police basically admitted,during a question and answer meeting held at the high school last night, that they are incapable of stopping crime in San Pedro as the OC (officer in charge ) Robinson admitted that for her to complete her job satisfactorily she needs another 90 police officers. She stated that the drug dealers are arrested and released on police bail and they are working between the cemetry and the Sunbreeze hotel. She stated that as no-one would admit paying for sex it is impossible to arrest the pimps and the hookers-she did not answer why the police would not ask these people if they were legally in the country (this is not their job according to her).

It appears that there are only 3 officers on duty from 5.00pm till 8.00am with a number of special constables who have limited powers and who the local criminals have no fear of. This is a ridiculous situation and there is a master plan being made but that means nothing as the commissioner is leaving this morning.

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