Pier Permits

One of Belize’s most sacred traditions is the idea that the sea bed right in front of the beach is public property and not owned by anyone. But, of course, the beach front property up to the beach reserve is always owned by SOMEBODY. At Ambergris Daily we can’t understand how new pier permits are STILL issued by the Government of Belize to people who don’t own the beach front property where they plan to build their pier.

Many people think there are already too many piers especially in and close to town. Surely the San Pedro Town Council and Ministry of Natural Resources need to check that anyone requesting a new pier permit actually owns the property they plan to build the pier on. And, if there is such a pier permit issued but the permit holder (let us call him “The Encroacher”) has not yet built the pier said pier permit should be immediately revoked.

Ambergris Daily knows of one incident where a tenant at a residential condo complex has been issued a pier permit to build in front of the condo building. Remember, this individual is RENTING, he’s not a condo owner. Of course the condo OWNERS are not happy and we can hardly blame them. How can this happen?


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