Pedro’s Poker Week

The past couple of weeks have seen some great games at Pedro’s Poker Club.  And now that everyone has sufficiently recovered from their New Years celebrations, games are sure to get even bigger and better.

This week should be a good one at Pedro’s…
  • Ladies Night is back!
  • Free LCD TV’s!
  • Win a tournament entry!
And now for all the details…


Kicking off the week will be a new $30 bz NLH Satellite Tournament.  This single table tournament awards up to 2 people a seat into the regular Sunday $110 bz No Limit Hold’em Tournament.  To play, be sure to be at Pedro’s early because the satellite will start immediately at 2pm.

The regular Sunday $110 bz No Limit Hold’em Tournament starts at 3pm and for the buy-in you receive 6000 in chips.  For an additional $10 bz dealer bonus, you get an additional 1500 in chips.  Rebuys and Add-ons are not permitted, but re-entry is permitted for the first 4 levels, space permitting.

After the tournament (at approximately 5pm) there will be a 1/2 usd NL Hold’em cash game.  Pedro’s provides free drinks and food for cash players and it’s not too late to get in on the flatscreen LCD TV giveaway.  If you have a straight flush with both your hole cards and your action is called all the way down to the river, you take home a new TV.

Monday and Wednesday

As usual, the regular 1/2 usd NL Hold’em cash game begins at 7pm. As with the Sunday cash game, free drinks and food apply and you can qualify for the TV giveaway.


Ladies Night is Back!  Ladies, get ready for some more fun and relaxed poker fun. The game kicks off at 7pm and Pedro’s is giving out free drinks and food.  At the request of some of the ladies, the betting limits have been removed and the blinds remain the same  The game this week will be 1/3 Belize No Limit Hold’em.  You can buy in for between $50 bz and $200 bz.  If you need some help understanding what all this means or need to know how to play poker, be sure to show up by 6:30pm and game host Jason will give you a bit of a tutorial.

Pedro’s is also happy to announce that they will now be running Ladies Night on a regular basis.  Plan for it on the second Tuesday of every month.


Thursday night is Belize Nights at Pedro’s. The night starts at 7pm with a $55 bz NL Hold’em tournament with a $5 bz dealer bonus. The tournament has a $500 bz guaranteed prize pool, so be sure to come down and play. After the tournament will be a 1/3 bz NL Hold’em cash game. The game has a $50 bz minimum buy-in and a $300 bz max.  Of course Pedro’s provides the free food and drinks and like all other cash games, you qualify for the LCD TV giveaway.

There is plenty of opportunity to play this week at Pedro’s. Be sure to check it out.  And don’t forget to like the Pedro’s Poker Club facebook page at


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