Pedro’s Poker Week for July 1st on Ambergris Caye

We’re ready to kick off another great month of poker at Pedro’s…


Our Bad Beat Jackpot is now up to $8,000. If you get your quads or better beat, everyone at the table qualifies for a portion of the jackpot. Full details can be read in the poker room.

We are also changing up our High Hand Promotion for the month of July. This month, every time you get quads or better, we’re going to be adding $100 to a high hand jackpot and your name into the drawing to win it. At the end of the month, we will draw from all of the high hands to see who wins the jackpot. With all the high hands we get at Pedro’s, that is bound to be a nice size jackpot. And just to be sure, we’re going to be guaranteeing a jackpot of at least $500.


This Sunday we’re starting the month off with a 2/5us NL Hold’em cash game starting right after the football game at 3pm. The buy-in is $100 us to $500 us. At 6pm we’ll start spreading a 1/2us cash game for players who want to stay with the lower limits. As usual with all of our cash games, food and drinks are free and you qualify for the High Hand and Bad Beat Promotions.


Our Wednesday game this week will be our normal 1/2us NL Hold’em cash game at 7pm with a $50 minimum buyin.


Our Friday game this week will also be a 1/2us NL Hold’em cash game starting at 7pm.

This is going to be another great month of poker and I can’t wait to get the cards in the air. As always,

Best Regards and Better Cards,

Pedro’s Poker Club

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