Pedro’s Poker Update for June

Hello Club Members and Friends,

This week brings the return of some Pedro’s Poker Club regulars and the start of a brand new High Hand promotion for June.
Welcome Back!
It’s with great pleasure that we welcome our friend Eric back to Pedro’s.  He’s been away for several months now and we are really excited to have him back.  He’s a blast to have at the table and one of the nicest guys in the game.  Be sure to come by and say hi.
Also, rumor has it that our friend Canada Paul is back for a while so we should have plenty of great games with full tables.
On that note, here’s what’s happening this week at Pedro’s…
We’re starting the week with a repeat of last week’s $160bz tournament Sunday at 5pm. You get 7500 chips for your buy-in and the levels are 15 minutes each.  We expect to have a full table again this week so try to get there early so we can get started on time.
Cash Games
Our cash games this week will be running Sunday and Wednesday at 7pm with the chance of a Friday night game. As usual, the stakes are 1/2us NL Hold’em with a $50us minimum buy-in and we buy the food and drinks.
We’re bumping the Bad Beat Jackpot up to $7000. If you get Quads beat you get the biggest share of the jackpot.  Full rules and payout percentages are posted in the poker room.  Also, Sunday brings the first game of the month and that means a new High Hand Promotion.  Be sure to give yourself an opportunity to set the high hand and give you a chance to win a Kindle Fire.
It’ll be a great week to get back on the felt if you haven’t played in a while. I hope to see you all this week and as always,
Best Regards and Better Cards,

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