Pedro’s February Invitational $1000+ Freeroll on Superbowl Sunday

Pedro’s Poker Club is announcing it’s first ever Invitational NL Hold’em Freeroll Tournament to be held on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th at 2pm. This month’s freeroll is a bit different than those from months past as it will be a mixture of a freeroll and paid tournament.  Players who have not received an invitation will be permitted to play for a tournament entry fee of $100 bzd.  Invited players will be receiving starting stacks between 500 and 5000 chips based upon their play in January.  Those receiving less than a full starting stack may optionally top-up their stack for $10 per 500 chips.

Club guests and new members to Pedro’s Poker Club will be offered a free starting stack of 2500 chips and an opportunity to top-up to 5000 for $50 bzd.

All money received in buy-ins and top-ups will be added onto the prize pool guaranteeing a pool of well over $1000.

After the tournament Pedro’s will be spreading a 1/2 US NL Hold’em cash game.  The game should start around 4pm.  In honor of the Super Bowl, there will be plenty of snacks to enjoy throughout the day and as always, pizza and drinks are free for cash players.  The big game will be playing on multiple TVs so you should have a good view the entire time you play.

Come on down to Pedro’s Poker Club for a great time on Sunday and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page at

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