Patty Arceo Arrested – Ex Area Representative

On Saturday night Patty Arceo, who was the previous Area Rep before Manuel Heredia, was walking down the street when she saw a man on the road bleeding from the mouth and surrounded by a number of police officers. She became vociferous and began telling the police that they should be getting this person medical help, and was told to mind her own business by the police.

She was very annoyed and brushed past an office who promptly arrested her for common assault. Unbelievably, she was not released until Sunday evening. This is a disgraceful way to treat and ex-member of the Government of Belize. We find it incredible that Manuel Heredia, the Minster of Tourism and Area Representative for San Pedro, did not get Patty out of jail.

Remember this lady, who is in her 40s, adopted a baby with spinal bifida when no on else would look after this child. The Police are out of control.

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