Park Rangers Save Lives at Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Tragic Accident

Yesterday there was a tragic accident were a boat owned by Tsunami Tours,who are based in Caye Caulker, took 7 tourists to snorkel at Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The sea was rough and there was a strong current going through “the cut”, and it appears that the tour guide involved made an error and he put his snorklers in danger and some of them,including himself swept onto the reef.

The Rangers were alerted and save the tour guide and two of the tourists but could not find two others who were found drowned a couple of hours later. There were many boats there and it appears that no others realised that this boat and tour guide had managed to underestimate the current and that lives were in danger.

Obviously a review will be held and more will be known of what happened. It appears that the rangers can hold their heads high, and should be praised for their actions which saved 3 lives-the two tourists and the tour guide.

All were brought to the Polyclinic and the president of the BTIA was there but no evidence of any personnel from the BTB.

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