Pablo Escobar, El Chapo and the “Drugs R Us Gang” in San Pedro

This is a competition for the eagle eyed readers to spot which drug gang currently resides in San Pedro.
The Ambergris Daily would like to point out to others who would like to follow in their footsteps.

1. HOA’s and apt owners do not want to rent to drug dealers-in fact they will throw you out by invalidating the lease of said apt..
2.The local dealers do not like foreign competition and have friends on the police force.
3. The police and the GOB do not like dealers,and they have thing called jails and prisons.
4. Amazingly parents when their children are caught breaking the law do not seem to think that they have done anything wrong other than causing a little bit of mischief,and all that should happen to them is a gentle warning that they have been naughty.
5. There is a reason that selling drugs is so profitable.
6. Lawyers are very expensive and love dealers getting caught.
7. To avoid prison you have to surreptitiously leave the country forfeiting bail and having an arrest warrant issued.
8.Getting a well paid appointment/position in a company is impossible.
9. If you do go into the drug business do not do what the “drugs r us gang” did,and tell everyone what they were doing-dumb and dumber knew better than that.

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