Outrageous Behaviour at Wet Willy’s by Police and Staff

On wednesday at the usual ladies night at Wet Willy’s was nothing  out of the ordinary as the drug dealers were out in force. The hookers had their glad rags on. There were the police being paid for their second jobs as security guards while wearing their police uniforms. This should not be legally allowed.

A drug dealer known to everyone on the club scene is talking to an Italian tourist, and sells him a small amount of cocaine or at least what he said was coke(we agree this is illegal and should not happen but it appears that the owners of Wet Willy’s are prepared to allow the sale of illegal narcotics). The drug dealer then goes to talk to the security guard in a policeman’s uniform and he promptly searches the tourist who is bundled off to jail and fined 500 bzd the following morning by the magistrate.

The tourist apparently could have paid a fine on the way to jail but he did not understand the english language. What is interesting is that the drug dealer wins. He sells a white substance it does not need even to be a drug as no-one has to prove anything as it is too expensive case to fight. The island loses a tourist or two and gets a further bad name as it was an obvious set up and the drug dealer continues his business with impunity.

Wet Willy’s should not be allowed to have an extension as they obviously approve of drug dealers and dealing. The town liquor board should warn and close every bar where drug dealing is a common occurrence. This would close Yahoo’s, Tacklebox, Wet Willy’s and Daddy Rocks and these are the only ones that are frequented  generally by tourists and locals alike.

Why did the security only search this tourist over half the locals that visit Wet Willy’s have drugs on them and there are at least 10 dealers,plying their trade in the bar every wednesday night-surely our officer in charge should answer this question, and explain to the tax payers of San Pedro why she allows the drug peddlers impunity.

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