Out of Date Drugs Being Sold by Belize City Company

Prosser Selling Out of Date Veterinary Drugs

For the last few months I have been looking to purchase a very popular dewormer for the Animal
Hospital called PraziVet Plus.  It is sold in multiple locations in San Pedro and
elsewhere in Belize. The problem  is that for months now Prosser has been selling
only expired tablets, which is, by the way illegal.

Deworming is one of the most important public health issues related to pet care, next to rabies.
Roundworms and hookworms are not only deadly to puppies, but they infect humans as well. When we
walk along the beach enjoying the sand with our bare feet, infected canine feces have left hookworm
larvae behind. If we have a cut on a foot this larvae will infect us as well, causing much pain. The larvae
can even migrate throughout our bodies and become life threatening. You may even know someone
who has had this unfortunate infection. It is not uncommon. In puppies with severe infections,
hookworms can drain a puppy of his or her blood to the point of death before the age of 3 weeks.

It is an outrage that a prominent supplier would consistently sell outdated tablets. This is dangerous not
only to our pets, but to residents and guests to our island. A couple of years ago, a graduate student
from the United States performed a study on canine fecal samples collected on the beaches and streets
of Ambergris Caye. 70% of them were positive for hookworms.

The moral of the story is Yes, have your puppy dewormed regularly. But see a proper veterinarian. Get
a proper weight on your puppy each time so that you know the dose is correct. Don’t pick up a tablet
at a store counter and give what the clerk at the counter tells you, without his even laying eyes on your
pet. And ALWAYS check to see that the tablets are not expired as therer is no point in using out 0f date ones.

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