Our Government and its Commitment to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

The Government of Belize really takes good care of Ambergris Caye, its principal tourism cash cow. Look at the different departments they have on our island looking after us:

1. Business and Income Tax Department Collection office.
2. General Sales Tax Department Collection office.
3. Immigration Department where tourists can hand over their passport and the Immigration person collects the fees and gives people a hard time and frightens them when they’re 1 day late for their stamp-meanwhile party girls get a pass who work 7 days a wek in bars that government officials use (we wonder why or how they do this).
4. Customs department where duties and other “fees” are collected.
5. Social Security Board where employers can watch Social Security employees collect social security dues.
6. Police station where officers act as unofficial collection people whenever they want to frighten tourists out of a few bucks. Also quite good at collecting money from drug dealers although in fairness to the police station this is probably done outside in the park.
7. San Pedro Polyclinic which is heavily reliant on private contributions.

As you can see our government spares no effort in collecting our taxes and fees! We should cease complaining about our appalling roads and our increasing crime. It is clear that the government of Belize is already making sure that, collections-wise, Ambergris Caye is getting lots of its valuable attention.

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