Off duty police officers working in their uniforms – should it be allowed in San Pedro

We, the people of San Pedro, should be very aware that there are only 3 police officers on duty after 4:00 pm. However, the off-duty policeman all appear to have extra jobs in various bars, from Daddy Rocks to Tacklebox to Wahoos etc. Heaven forbid that any of these bars have drug dealers in them!

And yet all the policeman are wearing their uniforms whilst off duty. This has to give a very poor impression to both residents and tourists alike, as it could appear that the police are in collusion with the nefarious riffraff that are coming in greater numbers to live on our island.

The AD states that when police finish work, they should go somewhere and change their cloths and not be allowed to represent themselves as police officers while off duty. They are the same as everyone else, and can make citizens arrests when not on duty. However, as we all know, they will never and do never inform people that they are currently off duty. They represent themselves to be on duty, and this should be and is against the law.

We call on the mayor and the GOB to stop this practice immediately and inform the police that their uniforms can only be worn when they are going to and from the San Pedro Police station for their legitimate and main employment.

This basically means that every police officer in uniform at night in Central Park, Olympics Bar, Winning Post, Wahoos, Daddy Rocks, Tacklebox etc is portraying themselves as something they are not.

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