Off duty or On duty policemen on Ambergris Caye

It appears that on Ambergris Caye that a policeman is a policeman is a policeman. No one can tell if a policeman is on duty or off duty because they are always wearing their uniforms whether they are out late drinking in bars (which may or may not be allowed to be open!). With Corporal Young’s latest blemish on her career, and her being banished to Placencia – and she was often seen in the various hostelries of downtown San Pedro gurgling a few quick libations.

The question has to be asked that if a policeman has been drinking, has he the right to arrest people for being drunk or over the limit when he or she may indeed be in the same position. Are the higher echelon of the Police going to allow what maybe drunken police officers to patrol when their judgement may be sorely impaired.

It appears that police officers on suspension or sick are still able to get private security jobs and able to wear their uniforms, which at least gives the impression that they are full-time serving officers. This cannot be correct, as if they are sick they obviously cannot work and if they are on suspension they obviously are not being praised for their due diligence on the manner of being a police officer.

When police officers are walking around with fully automatic assault rifles the question has to be asked, do they have the correct licenses and are they properly trained in the use of these leathal weapons.

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