Not very Smart phone service for one Ambergris Caye resident

For the second and final time SMART have taken money from me. Even though my credit was not due to expire until October they have confiscated it – around $190. They say that they have no means within their system of reversing an error, so they won’t try.

The first time was when I bought four identical phones for use by staff, and every one of the four died at about three months old. They said their warranty was only for two months and they refused to do anything about it. I lost the phones AND the $200 credit on them.

What a dreadful company! I now have a spare SMART phone if anyone needs one, as I have no intention of giving them so much as a single cent ever again. I was about to buy one of their internet dongles despite mixed reports, but that idea is now totally out of the window.

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