No Sound Insulation in the rooms at Mahogany Bay Resort,San Pedro,Belize

The Ambergris Daily interviewed a former worker of this soon to be open resort,and has said their marketing is superb the only problem is that the resort itself is lipstick on most people’s favorite breakfast food.

It turns out that there is no insulation between the walls ceilings and floors,so all conversations can be heard from all adjoining units. Added to the flushing of toilets which can be heard by other units (imagine a couple of people who have been drinking till the wee hours and they keep having to go the bathroom but next door people are going to dive the blue hole and have a 5.00am wake up call-not great thoughts but realistic ones.

The person reported that the organization of Mahogany Bay cared little about the resort which treated as an afterthought-the whole message to the staff was sell sell and sell some more. The Hilto Curio was brought on as a major sales tool but now they have to open and it appears that the resort is nowhere near ready to take guests.

The Ambergris Daily is amazed that the Hilton Organisation is happy and giving its name to this type of hotel/resort.



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