No Property Titles being Issued for Mahogany Bay in San Pedro Belize

Unbelievable but the investors of Mahogany Bay  have not been issued property titles for any town house that has been built in Mahogany Bay (some investors have paid in full for their property over three years ago). The owners have been blaming the government of Belize in not issuing the titles. However the Ambergris Daily contacted a reputable realtor,Pelican Properties in San Pedro, and a representative said “yes obtaining property titles are a lithe slow but three months is around normal. The rep was appalled to hear the MB said at least two years and longer,and suggested contacting the San Pedro Town Board to help(although they have really nothing to do with titles). This is obviously not true so one has to ask what is going on-monies have been borrowed -shacks have been built and the monies have been paid stay in banks situated abroad (thought to be in the Turks and Cacos).

The owners have been saying how good MB is for the country but they are using borrowed monies from Social Security-most businesses do not have this type of luxury borrowing facilities,and they would have to almost certainly prove that they are paying the monies back.

The AD wonders what the Hilton organization thinks about these strange affairs.

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