New Laws on Live Music coming from The Town Board on Ambergris Caye

The rumours and with mayor stating that live music will not be allowed to played over 70 decibels to the adjoining or next properties. There is also plans that no late licences will be issued except under special circumstances with the exception of  businesses which have night club licences. This means that only the Jaguar night club and Dadyy Rocks will be able to remain open after 12.00pm. It will be interesting to see if Daddy Rocks adopt the same security that Jaguars has. The police must surely get fed up of the stabbings/drug dealings and general fights that happen at Daddy Rocks.

However this new ordibance will surely affect Fido’s,The Tackle Box and Wet Willies. Various other local bars will probably get away with what they have always got away with.

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