NEMO Closes Bars on Ambergris Caye for TS Ernesto

NEMO closed bars etc. on Ambergris Caye which meant it was difficult for tourists who stayed on the island to enjoy themselves with the understanding that the weather would be a pain in the butt. Of course closing the bars did not stop the local bums from buying cheap liquor in the shops and becoming totally inebriated before and after 12.00pm.

We may have to figure out that the tourists who come here are not a bunch of alcoholics and who know their limits and how to enjoy themselves without following the lead of the bums on our streets.

This is not a story against NEMO but one that they should look at how to serve food and alcohol  in moderation for future storms as it has been constantly proved that if you want liquor all you have to do is go to the shops and buy it.

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