Miss San Pedro – Final

Over the past few weeks  there has been much speculation and uncertainty regarding the issue as to who would hold the title and perform the duties, responsibilities and obligations of Miss San Pedro.

Miss Hernandez called the SPTC on thursday January 5th to inform the Mayor that was leaving the island for good, to pursue studies in Nicaragua. At that time the town council called Christine and informed her that she would be crowned Miss San Pedro by the Mayor at a press conference on January 11th.  She was told to purchase a wardrobe suitable for her duties and was instructed not to announce the change.  On tuesday the 10th of January Christine was informed that rather than rush the press conference and have only a small coronation it would be more dignified and fitting to perform a full coronation ceremony during a large spectacular event – and so the date of February 18th was pinpointed -as this date will mark the launching of the Carnaval celebrations and there is a large stage event being planned.  Christine was told that the mayor would present the crown to Christine and then she would enjoy the performance alongside the Mayor.  Shortly after this decision was made there was a story leaked to the press and the blogs stating that Yaka was to be stripped of the title of Miss San Pedro.

After much debate and speculation it has been determined that Miss San Pedro intends to study abroad and perform her duties to the town and therefore she will not be stepping down or relinquishing her title to the first runner up.

On wednesday January 18th Mr and Mrs Hernandez met with the Mayor and the town council to inform the Miss San Pedro committee that Yaka has not been accepted into university yet and that she is taking examinations to apply for university.  Furthermore they have informed the committee that Yaka will complete her term as Miss San Pedro and she shall return to San Pedro for every engagement that she is required to attend and therefore she shall retain her title.   They have confirmed that they will ensure that Miss San Pedro perform  all of her community service obligations as well as large events.

The Mayor and the Miss San Pedro committee have apologized to Christine for any inconvenience caused to her during this period of confusion.

Therefore, to end any ongoing discussion and speculation regarding the issue please be informed that Christine Syme supports Yaka’s decision to complete her term as reigning Miss San Pedro and wishes her every success in her future ventures.

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