McAfee still on the run

The deranged John McAfee is still on the run from the Belize police force, and is in constant touch with the media including, the Wall Street Journal, CNN and local radio. He calls everyone by phone saying he is somewhere in Belize. Popular belief is that he’s still on the island but a number of his cohorts have been arrested and are awaiting multiple charges (6 people so far as of noon yesterday).

He has been saying that the Police and Army are trying to kill him and many people are wondering if he wants to orchestrate his own prophecy. Will he come out with all guns blazing (God we hope not). Does he have in his mind that he is a martyr of Freedom of Speech and illogical ways, for he contradicts himself all the time on his interviews. In our opinion a psychiatrist would have years of word to unravel his current state of mind.

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