McAfee Proves Money Rules in Central America and the USA

Obviously to all sane and law abiding people the odious deranged personality of John McAfee is just the same as OJ Simpson and has with the help of various lawyers and tons of the greeen stuff been able to get away with murder. He is now,as we all know, bleating away in the good old USA . Whether any one will now actually listen to this cretin who has brought misery to at least one family and is in the proces of trying to ruin Belize’s tourist economy, and thereby harming in excess of 300,000 and trying to take them into the depths of poverty.

The AD believes,as do many others, that McAfee was involved with the death of Greg Faull and calls on the government of the USA to imprison him (as he obviously is a flight risk) until it is proved that he did not murder Greg -if he did not pull the trigger he was right behind the person who did. For all those that met him during his 4 years in Belize it was evident that he was a fruitcake missing a few currants-some put up with due to his vast monetary resources but most shunned him for being crackers.

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