McAfee is Guilty

It seems incedible that this very rich totally deluded and befuddled character should think that the world should forgive him for murder. It seems to all sane people he either shot Greg himself or arranged for his assassination by using one of his cohorts.Remember the majority of these upstanding individuals are all people with very nasty reputations and revel in their notoriety.

Lets look at the evidence and that is he says he did not know Greg but his pharmacist lived in Greg’s house for more than six months, but when she left the house,she left it in a very poor state which pissed off Greg who thought McAfee should pay for the damage.McAfee told him to get lost and this was the start of their mutual dislike.

Greg Wise who interviewed him in april was so scared after meeting him at his house that he left the island the next day convinced that if he went back back to McAfee’s house he would be killed as he recognised that there was a ticking timebomb and that it was shortly going to go off.

McAfee ends up on a local realtor’s balcony in the middle of the night and awakes in the morning covered in his own urine, and a bag of suspected drugs was found later in one of the plant pots(which was subsequently flushed down the loo).

It appears that 90% of the time it is impossible for him to tell the truth, and he just believes his money will take care of everything-which it probably will but the AD hopes that he will enjoy a stay in Hattieville before he eventually ends up in the USA where hopefull Greg’s parents will sue him for everything he has.

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