Mayor Paz and Marie Antoinette on Ambergris Caye

Marie Antoinette who was Queen of France once  said during the late 1780’s,”let them eat cake”. She was referring to the peasants who,at the time did not have enough food to feed themselves. This led to the storming of the Bastille and the glorious French Revolution (glorious because the French attacked the French), and France became a republic and has remained so ever since.Marie Antoinette was beheaded by the use of “La Guillotine”.

Coming to Mayor Paz she said, “Give them fireworks as it is my birthday”. This happened last night, and was a jolly good show. However there are a few problems with this as we the loyal taxpayers paid for her birthday celebrations, and she unveiled the town clock for the second time in a matter of a week. It was painted again for this very special occasion.

When should we have had fireworks -of course the loyal reader says on New Years Eve when the town was full of tourists and everyone who was visiting the island would have left with a warm fuzzy feeling rather than saying,”Why where there no fireworks on New Years Eve”.

Will the peasant revolt on Ambergris Caye only time will tell. Would the money have been better spent on fixing the streets?

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