Mayor Danny Relates His Views on How Ambergris Caye will Grow

Danny Guerrero stated yesterday that he realises that he has his work cut out to bring Ambergris Caye into what people expect it to be.

His views that trash is one huge problem and this must be brought to the attention of the schools and that the pupils must be taught to be proud of where they lucky enough to live. They should be taught not to throw trash anywhere but in recepticles that are designed for this purpose. This week he cleared the beach of trash from Wet Willies to the bridge and that filled 7 of the huge trucks.

The bridge to be turned into a concrete structure. He is bringing engineers to San pedro after easter to start this hugely worthwhile project.Also to ensure a system which everyone pays and making sure that this happens and to avoid the abuses which have happened over the last number of years.

To instruct the police that they must work as policemen not as private  security guards.

To ensure that crime is dealt with in a harsh way.

Bars that are not soundproofed not to be allowed to have extensions to their licences.

To gain the faith from all the residents and citizens of San Pedro A fact which he points out to all will be very difficult as he agrees the previous mayor left a lot to be desired.

That the island depends on tourism and that all must work together to ensure the safety of all to protect the life blood of the island.

For the first time in 12 years we have a mayor who appears to care and he has the full support of the Ambergris Daily. Keep up thye good work and we will vote for you in the next election which we did not in the last.

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