Mayor Danny Guerrero Arranges for Road Repair from Bridge to Grand Caribe

Danny Guerrero has arranged for the road from the bridge to Grand Caribe to be repaired. Six barges of marle(sp), which equates to 60 truck loads, have been purchased and will be delivered to San Pedro over the next couple of weeks.

It is rumored  that some of the owners north of the bridge have clubbed together and helped with this purchase, and they should be commended for their community spirit. Obviously there is a case of helping oneselves but the AD is sure that it will be a boost to property sales north of the bridge, and be a welcome relief to property owners and tourists alike as they will now be able to go to Tres Cocos and possibly beyond.

Mayor Danny says this is the first stage of the northern roadand hopes to extend this road improvement past Mata Chica. However the GOB is not helping,and he has to find the monies from elsewhere. It would surely behoove Manuel Heredia to step up to the plate and to start helping his UDP mayor and UDP town council with monies from central government.

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