Manuel Heredia gets Money from GOB

Manuel Heredia is apparently very pleased with himself as he managed to squeeze the munificent total of 250.000 bzd from thge Government of Belize. This sum which equates to 9bzd per person who lives on the island. This monies is for crime/roads and upgrade of the municipal police.
well lets face it with this amount of money returned from the GOB we will all be able to sleep soundly as our minister,with this fabulous sum of money, will make all our worries disappear.
The Ambergris Daily regards this pathetic sum as a slap in the face by the GOB to all residents and citizens of San Pedro. Lets face it Cayo has got 40 million dollars justr for roads and they hardly pay any monies in taxes.
We need an infusion of 10 million dollars and then we will continue to be the cash cow for Belize. We need 5 miles of roads (5 million dollars). A couple of million dollars for an uncorrupt police force, and monies towards sewage etc.. this will be a good start.

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