Mahogany Bay becomes A Hilton Hotel Curio Client

Everyone in the tourism Industry in San Pedro is amazed how the Hilton Curio group signed up Mahogany Bay as a client.
There room prices are enormous and the whole resort is next to the sewage ponds of San Pedro and they are only going to be made bigger and more as the town grows. There is no beach so one has to go down the dirty canals to a lot on west side.Added to the fact that around the sewage areas there are crocodiles,flies,mosquitoes and many other friendly bugs.
Whilst the rooms are nicely decorated for wooden buildings the Ambergris Daily worries about how the sewage is going to get into the current system,as there appears to be no lift station on the resort.
It also appears that there is no air conditioning in what is called the “great house” where the bars restaurants and reception are situated.
It will be interesting when guests arrive and look over at Victoria house whose guests will have paid less money,and who will have the use of a pristine beach,a fully fledged air conditioned bar and restaurant,lots of swimming pools with manicured mature grounds. What will they think.
The Ambergris Daily thinks it is like an up-graded Pedro’s Inn at 7 to ten times the cost.

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