Mahogany Bay and Beach Club and Hilton Hotel tie up in Belize

Mahogany Bay has hired or maybe hired 100 people for the opening next month of their hotel. The people selected are in training-for what we do not know as according to Hilton Hotel group it is not opening until march 5 as the resort is currently under refurbishment-interesting use of words as the hotel has never actually opened but they have great on-line reviews.

Now the Beach club has moved and can only be reached by boat. The AD has hired its local investigative reporter to find out how long a boat ride it is-it looks from the air around 15 to 20 minutes in a decent boat. Interesting that it is again situated on the west side of the island. At least it is situated well away from the sewage ponds,as noone can swim in the water around the resort.

Interestingly enough they charge almost double what Victoria House charge who have a beach facing the reef,and one can swim in the sea with no fear of catching anything unhealthy.-more tomorrow.

Hopefully we will be able to print the non disclosure contracts,and also the current employment contracts

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