Liberty Orphanage Fund Raiser – Dec 11 in San Pedro

Pedro’s Inn and Hotel is holding a huge fundraiser  on sunday december 11 for the Liberty Orphanage House which is situated in Ladyville. Some of the 24 children situated in this orphanage have very strong ties to our local community.

Over the last year Liberty has lost part of its funding and presently has a huge problem with their monthly utility bills. For example the electric bill runs over 3300 bzd per month. The hope is that the fundraiser will be able to pay for 3 months electricity.

it is also hoped that enough money will be raised to buy each of the kids a special meaningful present, and to provide each staff member with a 100bzd bonus which will help them to celebrate xmas. The final monies will be used to bring the children to San Pedro on december 11.

Many people and institutions have offered to help with the Island  Academy  having a sponsored jumpathon. Many local businesses and hotels have donated prizes, and substantial ones at that which people will be able to bid on in the silent auction and purchase raffle tickets. Presently many people are selling bar-b-que tickets for the event and it is asked that everyone buy at least a couple. The price is 12bzd and all profits will go to the fund. 20% of the bar is being donated, and all raffle and auction monies will also be donated.

If you have a prize to donate please contact Cindy @ pedro’s 226-3825.

It is also asked that everyone show up on december 11 and spend a little money of which almost all will go to making sure that these children have a good xmas.

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