Liberty Fundraiser at Pedro’s-Update

An update of the Liberty fundraiser which was held at Pedro’s raise in excess of 6000bzd and there is one huge donation of either 5000bzd or 5000usd still to come in-hopefully it will be 5000usd-we will wait and see, and this will go straight to the orphanage to help with general running costs and the payment of utilities.

All the mattresses have been ordered for the kids which cost 5500bzd and the beds will have to be made by Walter. the wood has to be ordered and paid for but a successful event and hopefully the kids will be able to have a better sleeping environment within the next few weeks.

Unfortunately this will have been the last major fundraiser at Pedro’s as there are 12 new rooms and another swimming pool being constructed on the grounds which leaves little space to hold large parties.

A big thank-you to Belize Bank whose employees helped tremendously to make this fundraiser a major success.

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