Liberty Fund Raiser -Total monies being distributed

The monies being distributed are as follows
1300 bzd to bring the teachers and the students to Pedro’s for their best day out of the year.
2400bzd for the teachers carers xmas bonus (100bzd each)
2300 bzd for the kids xmas presents which will be delivered on xmas day by Santa Claus.
9350bzd to BEl which will be paid directly to Liberty’s account.
There was other monies collected but some bills had to be paid.All the chicken was donated by Peter Lawrence and Pam Morell, and the kids and helpers ate for free (70 portions).
To thank everyone who helped is one big list but here goesw and if anyone is forgotten it was unintentional.
Pam Morell,Mary Stephenson,Doug and Jean,Barefoot Skinny, Walter,Gloria and Stephanie Medina,Dr. Laurie Droke,Diane and Bob Campbell,Jan Brown, Mel Paz,The Famous Tacos Paul and Lorie,The Island Academy,Faith Petersen,Portofino,Mata Chica,Las Terrazas,Jason Southwell,Capricorn,Aji,Phoenix,Red Ginger,Blue Water Grill,Wine de Vine,Premium Wines,Pirates Pizza,Pedro’s Pizza,Fido’s,Lola’s,Belize Bank,Scotia Bank,Tropic Airlines,Maya Island Air,Wild Mango’s,Sunbreeze Hotel,Raddisson Hotel,Madisco,Caribbean Villas, Sailsports,Banana Beach,Victoria House,Love FM,San Pedro Sun,Geicko Graphics,Grand Caribe,Crazy Cannucks,Roadkill and Robby for doing the raffle,Capt. Sharks,The Palms,The Chocolate Factory,San Pedro Animal Hospital, Pedro’s Inn and Hotel,Pedro’s Poker Club,Vally Williams,Segio Gomez,Mousepad,Wayo’s Bar,AJ’s,Scotia Bank,Crocs Bar,Superbuy, Searious Adventures,Seaduced,San Pedro Lions,and last but not least Cindy Vigna who put the whole thing together.

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