Lazer Tag coming to San Pedro

Across the road from the Caribbean Villas Hotel many people are commentating on what is happening on a lot that has been juggle for probably two hundred years or indeed since time began.

The Ambergris Daily is happy to report that two local entrepreneurs have got together and decided that there really is not much for visitors and indeed the locals to do-especially if they do not fish,dive,snorkel or drink.They are currently building a bar/restaurant and developing an area that will be used for the game itself (basically it is a paintball shoot ’em up game but using lasers).

There will be leagues for teams and one on one battles going to four on four. This is only the start and Phil Rigby and Jason Southwell have many more ideas for different games using actors and contestants playing different games all over the island-for example one that is coming is that the mayor’s daughter has been kidnapped,and a series of clues will be given and the contestants have to find her (no lasers to get the bad guys -they do not leave the game site).

The Ambergris Daily wishes them all the luck in the world and is sure that this venture will be a huge success.

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