Law Abiding Citizens Getting Angry on Ambergris Caye

A few weeks ago a couple of little shits were arrested (finally) after committing several house break ins. They were locked up in the police station. During their little spree they had stolen and sold thousands of dollars worth of laptops, tablets, cellphones, cameras etc.

Here’s what the Magistrate gave them as “punishment.” 70 hours community service and a $350BZE ($175US) fine. Naturally they’re out and about plying their evil little “trade” again and more break ins have occurred in the last few days.

There are others too…the photo shows a guy called “Chele” who is apparently well known as a serial thief. He was photographed casing a neighborhood getting ready to violate someone’s home..he’s on the island, well known and happily plotting his next crime. Something is wrong here. The police and magistrate have decided that these people have rights, the right to terrorize the neighborhoods of law abiding citizens of Ambergris Caye.  Here is a warning for the police and magistrate:  You are the persons charged with safeguarding law abiding folk on our island. The people  are done with your pussyfooting human rights “criminals have rights” crap. They are getting ready to take action. If something really terrible happens to one of these bad guys it will all be the fault of so-called “law enforcement.” Get these bad guys OFF OUR ISLAND. They have no right to be here. It is that simple. DO YOUR JOB.  Get these vile vermin off to Hattieville and make sure they are never allowed to set foot on Ambergris Caye again.

There has to be law enforcement, if the police and magistrates don’t do their jobs then the People will be forced to.

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