Las Terrazas Restaurant – A Letter from Unhappy Customer

“We went to Las Terrazas up North to celebrate a birthday dinner. It is a very beautiful restaurant and resort with a very personable and attentive staff.The chef came out to the table, greeted us, made recommendations, and even agreed to prepare plain grilled lobsters which wasn’t on the menu. Everything was fantastic. Of course we were only one of two or three tables.

It wasn’t until the next day that we realized that the charges were in U.S. dollars and not in Belize dollars which is standard since we were in Belize. We checked their menu and in the back in tiny print it says the prices are in U.S. and they add a 15% service fee and a 15% tip.

How many other establishmets do the same thing? It was a first for us. It felt a bit deceptive. shocked

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