Ladies Poker Night a Smashing Success

Last night 12 ladies, most of them novices to the game gathered at Pedro’s Poker Club at 6:30 to learn some poker, partake in some free drinks and pizza, oh and win some money.

Several ladies came early to learn from Jason’s most excellent poker tutorial.  After a short but intense primer, they headed off to the cash table where the game was Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em with a minimum $40 Belize buy-in.  Each and every lady picked up on the game easily and soon were playing like professionals.

Game host Jason Southwell said of the game, “These ladies really know how to have fun.  I didn’t expect the game to go all the way into the next morning, but you have to give credit where it’s due.  They all picked up on the game quickly and kept up the intensity, laughter and new skills all night long.”

Jason also sent out special thanks to Taco Girl ( who live blogged and streamed the event.

Given the success of the initial Ladies Poker Night, more events will be sure to follow.  To learn about future events, including Ladies Poker Night, you can follow Pedro’s Poker Club on Facebook by liking their page.

(photos from TacoGirl)

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