Julia Torres, formally of the Belize Yacht Club and now of Sands Villas and La Violle Rouge


As of yesterday Julia is trying to have the San Pedro Animal Hospital shut down, and she does not see the benefit of a 24 hour veterinarian service in San Pedro due to her active dislike for Peter Lawrence, co-owner of SPAH – all she sees is that she should not be charged for services. By the use of her political connections people actually listen to her.

The question has to be asked, how many people will suffer if she is successful in her quest.

This woman has an active dislike of anyone who does something for the community, as she has been heard to say many times ‘We own the government and they do what my family and associates say’ – and for a number of years it seemed the police were available and the former San Pedro Town Board were at her beck and call.


Not allowing anyone to use a public dock at BYC by saying it was too dangerous to use and that it was under repair – but it didn’t stop them from renting slips to yachts/boats etc.

She also ran the Belize Yacht Club by treating guests and long-term residents with the up-most disdain, and refusing to allow their guests to visit them on the property. There have been countless complaints to the Police, BTB, Social Security and Immigration. She has a history of employing illegal immigrants who she didn’t really have to pay as she could get Immigration to come kick them out when they made a fuss. Social Security obviously cannot collect monies on these people. The BTB on many occasions visited her but were powerless to do anything thanks (yet again) to political influence.

The fact that the Police & San Pedro Town Board are hoping that the owner’s of BYC will indeed take the Yacht Club over and run it with professionalism. At present she has been instructed by the sellers not to be on BYC property, but this doesn’t appear to be working. Hopefully she will not be believed in all of her complaints, which are obviously lies and that shortly she will move herself from San Pedro, as Sands Villas and La Voille Rouge (or the Red Rag as someone who works for her calls it) goes the way of every other project she has been involved in. With the Red Rag, this is a $200 US per night hotel – please go to trip advisor to read it’s reports.

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