Josh Wins First TV at Pedro’s Poker Club on Ambergris Caye

Local Realtor, neighborhood watch commando and all around good guy Josh Buettner entered Pedro’s Poker Club on Tuesday night a simple man.  He left Pedro’s Poker Club a simple man with a new TV.

Before buying into Tuesday night’s No Limit Hold’em cash game, Josh could feel the luck coursing through his veins.  He knew that it was his night to return home victorious to watch fuzzy analog cable on a beautiful new digital TV.  He was right.  At 8:45pm Josh was dealt a starting hand of Ace King.  When the board brought three more aces, his King kicker assured him a TV if at least one player saw him all the way through the river.  To add to his fortunes, another player had a full house which assured he would get that caller.  Josh not only won his brand new TV, but he was also able to collect a nice sized pot for the effort.

Pedro’s Poker Club has been running a 32″ LCD TV giveaway promotion since December 23rd of last year.  The promotion started by giving away a TV to anyone who could get a straight flush or better.  When that goal was not met, the qualification was incrementally dropped to quad queens or better.  Josh’s 4 aces with a king kicker qualified him for the big prize.

There are still more TV’s to give away and starting Wednesday night, the TV will once again be given out for anyone getting a straight flush or better.

Pedro’s Poker Club runs cash games Sunday through Wednesday and tournaments on Sundays and Thursdays.  To become a member of the club, join at this link or for more information call 226-3825 or swing by their Facebook page at

The Ambergris Daily would like to congratulate Josh Buettner for his poker success.

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