John McAfee Back in San Pedro-Founder of Anti-Virus Protection

Good old John returns to our fair island and it does not appear that he is on the run as he and his girlfriend are driving around the cobbled streets of San Pedro without an apparent care in the world.Surprisingly it did not appear that his golf cart was camouflaged in any way.

Some of you may remember reading that McAfee had written on some nondescript blog that he was on the run as the GOB and the the whole police force were trying to have him arrested for illegal guns,drug paraphernalia,illegal drug production,and various other illegal activities. His private police force was not in evidence but may have been hiding and concealing themselves in the tops of the surrounding coconut trees.

The Ambergris Daily has to wonder if good old John is not short of a few raisins to become a total fruitcake.On a further note we will be glad to inform him that he can now recharge his i-pad and grab some dvds.

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