Jim Jones Reincarnated in Mahogany Bay San Pedro Belize

Years ago an american,” hell fire and damnation “preacher took his flock from the USA to Guyana where he made them drink “Kool Aid” which was laced with arsenic and they all,sadly, perished. Thus comes the saying they drank the Kool Aid. His name was Jim Jones.

This sad story has to reflect the purchasers of Mahogany Bay which amazingly enough is part of the Hilton Curio collection albeit the opening date changes as often as a politicians promise.A new manager has been installed and more gobbledegook has come from the heart of the organization stating that they are 75% sold out and it is the best investment since the writing and selling of the bible. The AD wonders how so many foreigners working there manage to get work permits especially as some only last a week or two.

The new opening date is october 1 but you cannot make a reservation-obviously they have a brilliant marketing plan that does not need reservations. Also one has to admire that along with Baron Von Hausmann (he designed the modern day Paris sewage system in the early 1800s, and that Mahogany Bay,like Paris, are going to make the sewage ponds a tourist attraction(remember the sewage ponds are next door to this development).The AD is not convinced that this will work but who knows as one could not ever have thought that one could sell small wooded studios for 290,000 usd in Belize on the promises of an annual net profit of 30%.

The AD thinks that Bernie Madoff who is currently a guest in the USA’S federal system where he has free accommodation and three square meals a day courtesy of the American taxpayer is the unpaid consultant for this project.

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