Is it Possible to Bribe the Police in San Pedro

The AD asked Peter Lawrence who was incarcerated for 16 hours in San Pedro,along with Ayana Cruz who was charged with gambling. Many other players were warned by the police and released with no charge.

Lawrence thinks that it is very strange that a prominent businessman,here in San Pedro, who owns businesses and property totaling millions of dollars that he could not get bail that night. It was suggested that an equally prominent businessman who part owns a resort on the north end of the island was behind these actions and made a payoff to make sure Lawrence spent an uncomfortable night or two with San Pedro’s finest. When asked Lawrence said I have no idea who if anyone was behind the actions of the police but I will never go to Capt. Morgans Resort again. When asked if he thought if the police could be bribed he replied I have never seen a policeman being bribed in San Pedro.

Arguments have started in Belize City where prominent business people have expressed dismay at the heavy handed treatment Lawrence received and have started pointing fingers at certain organizations and resorts in San Pedro.

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