Immigration Department Find Tourists Working in San Pedro

Four persons including a Belizean were arrested and charged jointly this morning for  failure to comply with the conditions of an employment permit. According to reliable sources, the immigration headquarters in Belize City had despatched an officer to San Pedro Town to carry out an investigation on four persons in question. Love News understands that Immigration Department received information of these persons who possessed a tourist visa were illegally working at a medical institution. The persons, one US National, thirty five year old Paulette Galbsaith, Nigerian national  twenty three year old Jane Anozie, Camaroon National, twenty three year old Sonia Zeumo and a Belizean, thirty one year old Margarita Caliz who was hired by the trio to work for them. It is said that the three persons have been in the country for over three months and under that time have been operating illegally. Authorities at the Immigration Department in San Pedro told Love News that the persons were medical students and teachers at the American Global University School of Medicine (AGUSM), which is located South of Town. We were told that these persons did not have in their possession student and teacher permits. While the group were charged, they were released under conditions that they file for their pertinent permits today.

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