Illegal Worker Shipped Back to Guatemala who Worked for BYC

Amazingly the worker who worked for Island Club Resorts who was underpaid by law and who complained to the labour board was rounded up by the Immigration Department and is on his way back to his native country.Strange that they had to wait till he was relieved of his position and then shipped out and would therefore be unable to go to court to plead his case against his former employers.

Amazingly he and many like him were employed for a period of 6 months and these people were not paid for their final month receiving a letter from the Island Club Management (attached) thanking him for his work,and that he would be re-employed when “high season” returns-by law hew should have been paid his holidays,overtime etc.

The Ambergris Daily has received many letters of support from its readers and some have implied that certain people could be guilty of human trafficking as there is no doubt that people have been lied to (promises of work permits and real wages)-will anything happen or will it all be brushed under the table-who knows.

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