How we should pay for Taxi’s on Ambergris Caye

A taxi fare bears no relation to the service you receive. In San Pedro we have a number of taxis that look good, are in a good state of repair, are clean and very comfortable. The cost of a ride is $7 Bz, which is a little expensive for a short ride but we have no problem with it overall. However, other taxis do not provide much in the way of service or cleanliness.

If the driver has his family riding with him, with his wife breast feeding in the front seat, we suggest that the price should go down by 2 dollars.

If the car is dirty inside or out, the price go down 2 dollars.

If the cab is falling apart or is missing various things like bumpers, or is rusted through, or is missing lights  the price should go down 2 dollars, or if it’s really bad 3 dollars.

If the driver refuses to turn the radio off, he should reduce his fare by 2 dollars.

If the driver cannot speak English, and obviously isn’t a resident of San Pedro (and doesn’t know where he’s going) then he should pay you 3 dollars, because you are teaching him how to do his job.

If the driver picks up other passengers the price should go down 2 dollars, after all you are the one that rented the cab and the legal transaction is for him to take you to your destination as quickly as legally possible.

All drivers should have a photograph and a copy of their drivers licence enlarged, laminated and displayed at the back of the drivers seat. This will be brought into law by the GOB, but as a town we could introduce it now.

To sum up, if all of these things were to occur, we would have a decrease of atleast 40% of the taxi drivers currently operating on Ambergris Caye. This would leave the professional drivers, of which there are a number, in good, clean taxis to earn more money and who would increase the level of service which would make every one happier – drivers, locals businesses and tourists alike.

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