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Back Yard Breeders in San Pedro Are Causing Our Dog Overpopulation Problem

The longer I am here in San Pedro the more it irks me. Almost daily I see puppies and ask the question
that I already know the answer to. Are you planning to spay or neuter? 90% of the time the answer is
No. Why? Because they know they can have puppies and sell them.

Often times these people are not even Belizean. They are ex-pats who should know better. They are
willingly contributing to a big problem in their community, for a tiny bit of personal financial gain.

San Pedro is an extraordinary place. It has not one, but two animal charities which will spay and neuter
pets FOR FREE, YEAR ROUND. The problem is that pet owners here do not care enough to do the right

So what is the answer? How do we convince pet owners that what they are doing is wrong. Personally,
I think we as a community should put a lot more peer pressure on them. Having a Cook Off for Saga
Humane Society? Every pet owner who has ever bred their dog and sold the pups should be pressured
to supply a dish. Want a free dewormer for your puppies that you will soon be selling for a profit? No
Way. Want a free consult for your sick dog? No, if she is not spayed you HAVE to pay for it, or agree to
have her spayed as soon as she is well (free of charge, of course).

These are not unreasonable penalties for making a profit off your pet while adding to our island’s pet
overpopulation problem. If you are breeding your dog, don’t kid yourself. A number of those puppies
will not go to a good home. A number of them will end up abandoned on the street, suffering as a
homeless person would. Getting into garbage, spreading diseases that can infect people, leaving feces
in our streets and on our beaches, giving tourists a negative impression of our island, and of course,
breeding and making even more unwanted dogs. Or they will end up at the humane society, looking for
a home, costing your community hundreds of dollars in donation money. Or worse, they will have to be
euthanized because they are no longer adoptable for medical or behavioral reasons.

As a community we should no longer let these selfish pet owners off the hook.

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