How to Save Money on Pet Health Care



As a follow-up to our last  article, of course we have to tell you how to more effectively treat your pets for less money.  As a general guideline, this starts by making a small investment in a proper veterinary consultation ($30).  Bad advice leads to bad products or unnecessary tests, which will cost you double when you have to go out and buy something else because the problem has not been resolved.

Another general guideline:  there are inexpensive ways of maintaining your pet, they just take a little more effort and time.  For example, I have clients who keep their pets free of fleas and ticks simply by giving them a flea and tick bath every 3 days.  As long as you don’t have a severe flea or tick infestation in your house or yard this works just fine.  Unfortunately, most of us are not going to dedicate that much time to bathing our pets (myself included).

So what is the best way to control fleas and ticks?  They seem to be an extra large problem for almost everyone right now.  Like many problems, there is no simple, easy answer.  For my pets, Parastar Plus once a month plus two flea and tick baths a month has been adequate.  At bath time Charlie typically has no ticks, Jager has zero to one, and Jambo usually has one or two.  Come in to San Pedro Animal Hospital and we can help you find a flea and tick control plan that will work for you.  Depending on the breed and environment of your pet, and whether or not they swim regularly, different options can be chosen and combined.  Luckily new flea and tick products are constantly being developed and San Pedro Animal Hospital is always on the lookout for the most effective new products.  So stay tuned!

One more point about fleas and ticks…if you are unfortunate enough to develop a severe infestation in your house or yard YOU HAVE TO TREAT IT AS WELL AS YOUR PET.  No topical pet treatment can control parasites on your pet if the environment is infested.

As far as other ways to save money on your pet’s health care…

Skip the “injection for ticks”, skip the “tick fever test”, and skip the “vitamin injection”!

All of these do not work

There you go.  You just saved seventy dollars.

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