How to make 10billion US Dollars in Belize

Drug Value: $10 Billion

Cuthkelvin faces fraud charges

Tuesday, 17.04.2012, 09:17pm (GMT-6)



Vernon Cuthkelvin

Customs officials found the cargo in a container at the port.

By Rowland A. Parks 

Staff Reporter

Six containers  of ‘fertilizer’, imported  by Vernon Cuthkelvin and impounded by Customs when the shipment arrived in Belize on February 23rd, have been chemically analysed and found to be methylamine hydrochloride, a precursor in the manufacture of methylamphetamine.

The amount in Cuthkelvin’s containers  could be used to make over 400 metric tonnes of methamphetamine, “crystal meth” or “speed”, a highly addictive drug, sold mostly in the United States and Europe.

One pound of meth fetches about $12,000 on the streets in the United States. The contents of Cuthkelvin’s containers are estimated to be worth as much as US$246,000; but if converted to meth, would fetch US$10 billion.

In his Customs declaration, Cuthkelvin had declared the contents of his containers to be titanium dioxide and ammonium sulphate, a cheap  fertilizer imported from China for use in his company, Belize Garden Consortium.

The size of the shipment raised red flags at the Customs,  a multi-agency investigation was launched, and samples of the contents were sent out of Belize for testing.

The Reporter has since learnt that Customs may charge Cuthkelvin with making a false declaration, which carries a hefty fine of three times the value of the imported goods, if Customs can make the charge stick. That would be US$728,000 or about BZD $1.45 million. With General Sales Tax, Cuthkelvin could find himself paying a fine of 2 million Belize dollars, if convicted.   

Cuthkelvin listed #18 Iguana Street, Belize City as the address of Belize Garden Consortium, when he  registered the company on July 25, 2011.

The company had a start up capital of $10,000 shares, with Cuthkelvin owning 60 per cent of the shares, and Maria Montejo owns the remaining 40 per cent of the shares, which are valued at $1.00 each.

Both Cuthkelvin and Montejo are listed as directors of the company and have listed their address as 80 Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk District.

According to news reports, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency is also keenly interested in the containers, as is the Belize Police Anti Drug Unit.”

Cuthkelvin has not gone back to clear the containers, nor has he provided Customs with a sample for analysis, as he had promised to do.

The Reporter’s attempts to speak to Cuthkelvin were unsuccessful, but his attorney, Lionel Welch,  did speak on his behalf saying that Customs would first have to prove that his client made a false declaration.

Welch said Cuthkelvin has e-mailed the exporter of the containers in China that he had received a wrong shipment, but Welch said he did not know if they have replied.

Welch said his client had ordered the cheapest form of fertilizer. He also confirmed that he has written a letter to the Customs Department on his client’s behalf, seeking payment for the hardship the Customs Department has caused his client.

Welch said as yet no papers have been filed in the court with respect to $200,000 in compensation that his client is seeking, but he is hopeful that things will work out between his client and the Customs.

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