How to Lose your Savings in Belize

First overpay for a small piece of land. Then think that all you have to do is go down to your favorite bar and pick up a couple of strays and waifs who are not yet shit faced, and tell them you are now a contractor, and need their help in building your dream house.
Listen to everything that your new best friends tell you. Why get building permits when you can pay under the table and just not bother. Plans well they can be drawn on the back of a cigarette packet-anyone can do this and saves a fortune by not using an architect.
Spend the next few weeks in the bar with your team and get totally shit faced with them as they order the building supplies from their cousin who is somewhere on the mainland and he of course is very well connected.
Laugh at any of the professional builders as you are saving a fortune and can spend even more money at the bar. Your building supplies eventually arrive and of course some of the stuff is on back order and you cannot start construction until it arrives even though you paid (through the nose) in advance. No problem you can still spend your savings in the bar.
Three months later you start to build and then the building inspector comes down and says you need a permit. Your best friends are aghast but it is not their fault as this inspector is new to the area. Oh well back to the bar and spend some more of the saved money. You then meet an expat who can help you through these problems and he is now on the team and you all celebrate together. Three weeks pass and a good few thousand later you have plans and you enter them to the building committee. They are turned down as they have not been stamped by an engineer.
You have to go back to the USA and you leave some money behind in the bar and your team will start to build. You come back and all the building supplies have disappeared.
Obviously this story shows that professionals are not needed when you can just meet anyone in a bar.

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